30 March 2011

The Award, The Mexican and Me

I've been given an award! The versatile blogger award, nonetheless. And whilst I'll admit I have been very versatile in the last couple of weeks working like a nutcase and trying to fit in one hundred things a day, I haven't been such a good blogger because of this, and my posting has been a little too far and few between for my liking. All because you just get those weeks where it all piles on top of you, and you end up being something different to a whole load of people, which stops you from doing what you love, or more importantly, from having the time to be you.

Now, like Jayne from Suburban Soliloquy, I'm no good with following the rules...  But tah-dah! It must have been fate that I was nominated for the award in which you have to show and tell a few things about yourself in a post. So here I am blogging (very good) about me (hurrah!). Two birds with one stone? I think so.

But first, you absolutely must (if you haven't done so already) check out Jayne and her blog, Suburban Soliloquy. Jayne is wonderful with words and very good at regular posting (*blush*). Her writing is playful and beautifully artistic - but always real. When Jayne nominated me for this award, I felt very honoured that she'd picked me, and in a similar way to how I feel when someone stops by my blog, reads a post, or takes their time to comment on something I have written, I was rather grateful. I'd like to say thank you to Jayne - but also to all of you who stop by my blog for a read.

I have so many blogs I could recommend, but I'd never get onto the 'me' bit of this post if I listed them all. For now, four bloggers come to mind. They all write blogs in a way I can always relate to, and their posts have encouraged me to write from the heart, just as they do. As the rules sort of went out the window in the way both Jayne and myself accepted this award, I'll leave these bloggers to accept this award if and as they wish.

Phillip at the domesticated bohemian

Otherworldlyone at Calling People Names

Starlight at Crazy Thoughts

Sharon at Resistant But Persistent

I've been procrastinating. But mainly because I've found it hard to think about just what to say about me...  I've been quite shy in this blog, and haven't put up any pictures of me, or too many personal details. In fact, I think the only photograph I've included in my blog is of my Gran. And a nice one it is too. 

Before I started writing, way back in September last year... I painted. Not walls, but pictures. I wouldn't say I was good enough to call myself an artist, but I loved creating all things bright and beautiful on a blank canvas. I never really liked painting what I saw, but threw everything into what I could imagine, and just waited to see what it would turn out like. I put all of this down to the fact that my Dad made me do Politics instead of Art at A-Level. And since trying desperately to justify 'The Special Relationship' between Britain and America in a draughty exam hall sometime in February 2004, I rebelled, and I threw everything I had into being creative.

So I think I'll say the bit about me, through a few photographs I've taken.
I might live in London, but I'm a country girl at heart.
And a Hertfordshire girl in particular.

Bess. Named after my Great-Grandmother, Bessie.
My lucky black cat.

I collect crystal balls. Nope, not to see into the future.
Because they are beautiful.
This one was a present from my Mum for my sixteenth birthday - and my favourite.

Yes. I crochet small animals - occasionally.
It's Cheryl the Snail.

And finally...

It's my lover. And me.
He's the Mexican and I'm the Cowgirl.
In our first year university halls, where we first met and fell in love.
And nope, he doesn't have one that big in real life.


  1. Congrats!

    And I love the photos, the last one of course is my favourite. Clever post title, by the way. It made me think (upon reading the title in my dashboard) that perhaps you were given an award *called* "The Mexican and Me".

    Of course that would have been...inappropiate...


  2. Congrats for the award, you definitively deserve it! I already got this award so I wouldn't write another post about it if that's fine with you... You can also pass it to someone else instead of me, because as I already said - I already have this award. But it's a huge honour that you passed it to me and put me on the same level with such brilliant writers as Phillip, Sharon and Otherworldlyone are.

    It's nice to finally see your photo, you're really beautiful :)

  3. Thank you for the mention. I really enjoy reading your blog and I think you're a great writer.

    Photos are lovely too, particularly the one of you. :)

  4. I'm with OWO, that's a great picture of you.

    And congrats on your award :)

  5. Thanks for that, I don't usually do the themed award thing but since it's you I think I will. Can't promise to do the pass it on bit but you never know. Love the photo of you two. He looks like a real zapatista. Also - why do corridors always look narrower in photos?

  6. Thank you - as much for what you've said about our writing as for the award itself. And I'm very flattered to be in such fine, award-winning company.
    Oh and don't feel too bothered about how frequently you write - your posts are worth waiting for and a pleasure to read when they arrive.

  7. Congratulations on your award, I have enjoyed the way you tackled 'claiming' it. I really liked this post especially the photo of you and your other half. Lovely!

  8. good to see that crochet is alive and well in the UK...

    (i had my suspicions it would be)

  9. dys·func·tion - Haha! Sometimes, I think I do need an award for living with that particular Mexican...! Glad you liked the photos. Thanks for the post.

    Starlight - I would nominate someone else, but I really wanted to nominate you - so can I leave you up there? :) Thank you - I thought it was finally time to put one up!

    OWO - You're welcome. Much deserved! Glad you liked the photos, and thank you so much for the wonderful compliment.

    Sally Sal - Thanks, I love that picture too - I sort of grabbed him and grinned. But Liam's moustache makes it. ;-)

    Philip - Glad I converted you a little with the award - one can't hurt?! I thought it was a nice way to say a little bit about myself. No, no deceptions - that was actually one hell of a narrow corridor.. *breathe in*

    Sharon - Oh, you are more than welcome! That's a lovely thing for you to say - I will think less 'pressure on' and more 'when he mood takes me'. Thank you!

    Happy Frog - I quite enjoyed writing this one, so might try a few more chatty posts! Pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks!

    dull boy - Oh absolutely. Any requests?!

  10. ...if only i had a teapot!

  11. Congrats on the award! You very much deserve it. I look forward to reading your blog every time you post something new! Your posts are always a very interesting and satisfying read. Keep writing! (:

  12. Bth- It's about time we see your smiling face! Thanks for your kind words, and congrats from me! You're most deserved of this award, and I'm glad it got you to reveal a few things about yourself. I love the photos--a well framed story about you, lovely Bth. ;)

  13. was nice to see your pic...was a bit of a surprise too...and Congratulations on the award...

  14. That last picture was adorable! I agree with Karson, I look forward to all your new blog posts - endless entertainment!