10 July 2011

A little something for Sunday : Create something


It was a dream. One of those ones in colour, that you remember just after you wake up. One that I sat bolt upright in bed and searched for anything I could use to write down what had happened. Turns out I should definitely keep a notepad and a pen by my bed, as a kohl eyeliner on a magazine doesn't really work. In the end I used my phone, and furiously punched in the keys, composing a rather unusual text and hoping I didn't add a contact and press send in my sleepy state.

The situation in the dream hadn't been very clear; I was an inventor- or similar- and my fellow inventor had scoffed at my absolutely genius idea (cant quite remember what that was now...) but I'd cried and cried, running down a corridor and locking myself in the bathroom. Dreams are never quite as exciting when you re-tell them, are they? So I'll leave it at this: My dream ended when a man I didn't recognise came to comfort me, and knocking on the locked bathroom door, he gave me some advice, that made me feel at peace.

And his words are what I wrote:

It doesn't matter if what you create in life might be judged as not good enough or challenged by others, because you cared enough to create something in the first place, and your soul will be richer for it.

I thought they were beautiful.


  1. Those words are quite beautiful, and very profound.

  2. That's a great sentiment to wake up to on a Sunday.

  3. Good for you for recording a dream thought so quickly. I love it. Like your description of the dream too, wanted to hear more actually. :)

  4. so true, - it's such a shame that our default behaviour is to 'judge' instead of 'do'.

  5. That was really great said. It's Monday now and this is still true. Cleaners in London.

  6. I really needed to read that today, thank you.

  7. It may not be Sunday anymore, but that was an absolutely wonderful reminder. Beautiful.

    And a writer should always have a notepad and pen/pencil/eyeliner beside the bed. :P For moments such as this.