26 October 2011

100 Words: An Undecided Sky

I’ve been staring out of the window all morning. Intermittent patters of rain hit the glass at various angles and drizzle down the pane. The sky is undecided as to its mood, swapping patches of murky grey for off whites and pale blues. The cat sits on the windowsill, ears pricked for each violent splatter of rain. It falls quiet. The living room becomes flooded with a warm sort of light. The cat yawns as the sun pats her back.  The last few stagnant raindrops are caught quite by surprise. They heave a sigh and roll quickly away, glittering furiously.


  1. This is a perfectly written 100 words blog post. I love your style - you tell us a lot with beautiful short sentences.

  2. I am happy to hear that you feel better!
    Your post and image reminds me of this poem:

    It rains in my heart
    As it rains on the town:
    What is this languorous ache
    That wounds my heart?

    Gentle, the sound of rain
    Battering roof and ground.
    How sweet the sound of rain
    For the heart in pain!
    - Paul Verlaine

    I didn't mean to sound so moody :)
    Even when you're in such a mood, I hope you can enjoy little moments, like a cup or tea, or warm light on a cat's face.

  3. reminds me of something langston hughes once wrote....Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby...
    lovely and evocative post there young lady!

  4. I can't add anything to the comment @Starlight made. Perfectly written, beautiful sentences!

  5. I love 100 word posts. Many of them read like poetry. This one might as well be labelled "100 Word Poem." Beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous, I shall think of this post when the next down pour hits.

  7. Starlight - I like short sentences, rather punchy! Thank you.

    Olga - What a beautiful, true poem! Thank you for sharing. I absolutely do love those moments, especially a hot cup of tea. mmm.

    Dan - Gosh, I'm being showered with beautiful poetry! Love this poem too. Thank you! Rain is quite inspiring, no?

    Barbara L - Aw, thank you! Very kind.

    Nessa Roo - Ooh me too. They're like little photoshots of moments, aren't they?

    Abbey Frog - Thank you, my friend! I just love downpours. (As long as you're tucked up inside.)