6 November 2011

100 Word Post : Bonfire

Sighing young flames heave up to the sky, stealing hot oxygen kisses to fly great heights. Trembling and fluttering, they command and spread a wood burning frenzy.  

I watch them twirl furiously, spinning wondrously, until they cut into tiny tornadoes lifting right up and soaring through the raucous blaze, speeding uncontrollably before scattering out into a clear open night.

Whispering frantically they flirt with the wind; entrancing, enticing, spitting with desire. Below these roaring obsessions, I just can’t help but to stare. My eyes are transfixed, my face absorbing the blaze sparking from two unearthly dancers, both immersed and unaware.  


  1. I love 100 word posts and this one is great. Did you take the photo?

  2. That was incredibly well written. I was transfixed...much like I can be when watching flames dance.

  3. This is one of the best 100 words blog posts ever, I'm fascinated.

  4. love this lil post...what a humdinger

  5. This is great, I particularly like the image of 'tiny tornadoes'.

  6. Beautiful description of a bonfire, where it leads one's thoughts into. I enjoy a being around a fire with a group of people something primal, yet so comforting.

  7. Dicky - I didn't, unfortunately, but thought it was beautiful.

    Barbara - Thank you!

    Robbie - You are transfixed aren't you? I tend to zone right out! Thanks.

    Starlight - You are so kind. Thank you.

    Dan - :)

    Eryl - They were really like tiny tornadoes - swirly, spooky and black. Thank you for your comment!

    genie.1 - I think we humans are born to be transfixed by fire. It's incredible, isn't it?