14 February 2012

A little love back to you...

I've was nominated by Lo on her marvellous blog, It's Always Something to recieve the Leibster Blog Award - lucky me! And because my German is a very average GCSE 'C' (and not much more than that), I've been sneaky and looked up 'Leibster' online and found it means; darling, sweetheart. But because most of you are darlings and I could go on listing your blogs forever... I've decided to translate my 'Leibster' Award as; favourite. 

Valentine's Day is a lovely opportunity to rave about those bloggers I think are just fantastic. Here are my favourites... With love!

Sharon Longworth at Resistent But Persistent

Because... she carries you along a journey, holding your hand to show you her world. Her posts are always full to the brim of quirky turns, lovely tales and stories I could read over and over again- (and admittedly, I do).

Dicky at Dicky Carter

Because...  the way he writes is real and very open; snippets of life, laying it bare. Eloquently put and often very brave.

Because... his words hold you in a way that allows his people and places to become inked in your mind for a very long time. So positive and encouraging, he's been my favourite blogger from the very beginning.

Steven at The Golden Fish

Because... perfectly captured moments in poetry, enhanced with beautiful photographs completely works for me.

Because... he has an uncanny ability to make me smile with his charm and quick wit. His blog always has something new and interesting to learn about, described with a big dose of passion.


  1. Why thank you Lizzie, so kind. The other bloggers mentioned are some of the best on the web so I'll take that as a huge compliment.


  2. You've got some good blogs listed here!


  3. I'm not surprised you got that award! You are a darlin'. Great list of bloggers too. I'll have to check them out soon.


  4. Awww all red faced heehee...thanks for the plug lizzie...i feel honoured to have rated a mention...
    you madam are in a different league and deserve high praise for the great prose that you churn a big congrats to ya! Oh and have a great valentines day! :)

  5. I gave you this award ages ago and still think that you really deserve it. Congratulations :)

  6. Great blog picks. I happen to follow four our of these five.
    I don't like getting awards, but I love to see other people get them, especially when it's so right for them. Congrats.

  7. Thanks very much for the mention madame, that's very kind of you.