10 August 2012

My Olympics

I’m in my own Olympics, dodging tourists on the tube.
Looping in and out, slipping through gaps - waiting for the perfect moment to move.
Just miss the camera lens dangling around their neck as they stand, hands on hips, staring blankly at a map. 

I’m counting the number of logos slapped on cars, on signs, on clothes.
Thousands of volunteers beam and cheer as we line up to see the shows.
I’m stretching high above the crowds to glimpse the dreams of a golden few that sky above the rest of them, waving flags for the world to view.

I’m in my own Olympics, I’m negotiating my pace.
Fast to wake up and then walk part way, I’m planning it all – just in case.
I like this chilled out London – I don’t really mind the change, I just let things flow and smile to myself as the tourists wander the wrong way.

The world will shrink back to normal; as all the dreamers sink back to their daylight achievements.
So I’m holding on tight until the tickertape falls, the seats become empty and they’ve run the last race.
But for now at least, I’m in my own Olympics -
And I'm beating London to the last bit of space. 


  1. I can imagine the challenge of living in London over the last few weeks. Do you realise that if you include the bidding process, the 2012 Olympia have been building up for the last 8 years! WTF!

  2. It's been great to watch on tv. I guess it must be strange to have your city invaded but it comes across as quite a positive experience here. I'll be sad to see the end tomorrow.

  3. Glad to see The Light In London is still shining. Great Post!

  4. I wish I was there... I love London. :)

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  6. Nicely written - it certainly makes me wish I had been back there.

  7. What a beautiful piece - I love anything that details an alternative side of something we know so well. It also makes me insanely jealous that I am not in London!

  8. Makes me think of my days in Edinburgh during the Festival - only ten times worse!