28 October 2010

Big smoke? Indeed. My light's gone out!

It’s my first month in London, officially yesterday. I’m desperately excited to be in this buzz of a city. My love affair with Manchester had not swayed me to stay up North - on the spur of a gut wrenching vibe six months earlier, I decided to move to my capital city and find out just what the fuss is about.

I’ve been making a fuss alright. It’s the biggest city in the UK – and I’ve never felt so cramped in my life.

Firstly. Let’s get it out there in the open – I hate the tube. I suppose it’s pretty negative to ‘hate’ the tube. BUT, I really do very much dislike that tube. How on earth does an energy sensitive, vibe-friendly Spiritualist keep all that energy upon entering the tube, and feel like someone blew out her little light when you beep yer Oyster through at the end?  Hmph.  I’m determined to find out.

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