23 January 2012

Guest Post: 'My London' by Caroline from Hello Moon

I absolutely love her poems. They are beautiful, deep and emotive. Pop over to her blog and see for yourself. I feel quite honoured to star new blogger Caroline from Hello Moon, with a poem that she wrote about her London, just for my blog. 

My London

Jostled from the carriage,
Morphed into a herd of man,
The sound of a hundred footsteps,
Welcome to the commuters clan.
Heads down as we march together,
Minds collectively lost in thought,
Eyes not daring to wander over,
The shame of being caught.
The eerie silence lingers,
Interrupted by the buskers song,
Conserving my personal barrier,
Not feeling that I belong.
Grey sheets of printed paper,
Invades your capacity to see,
Bodies entwined with one another,
White knuckles clutching black coffee.
From tranquil, evergreen pastures,
The twee, rustic lull of the town,
To momentous, imperious buildings,
Watching you swerve and drown.

 Caroline, Hello Moon 



  1. Beautiful. Caroline, you got my attention and you got yourself a new follower.

  2. What beautiful poems (I read each of them). The world could use more poets, especially ones with such lovely rhythum with words.

  3. Very beautiful post I never read like that before..lovely..!
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