4 January 2012

January Jitters

So, I'm back in the office and it's definitely January. The flowers in reception have been replaced. Transformed from the festive red berries and silver sprayed pine cones to a rather demure thistled number with grasses, red gerberas, pink lilies and (most confusingly) all bundled together with a palm leaf. The weather has also gone a bit berserk. Last night the wind screeched through my single glazed windows and caused havoc with the flower pots on my balcony. But today the deep rumbling clouds of yesterday transformed into a beautiful warm pink morning sky. They seem a bit like me; unsure how to be now January is about. You still feel the same as you did last week; same clothes, same hair, same old work to come back to. But there's also something different. You feel bolder and a little bit braver. When you woke up on New Year's Day, did you sense what I did? A spark, a sort of hope that musters about in the air, not quite brushing away last year's cobwebs, but giving you that lift to take on anything. Especially that fresh, clean, sparkling new year.



  1. Awww....sweet...but frankly i woke up in a lather of sweat as it remained 32deg C overnight and slightly discombobulated as i had been awoken numerous times by young svelte and not so svelte backpackers screeching to the world how drunk they were haha....
    that said though i did find that my peace lily on my back porch had sprung a single flower which was mighty i suppose that does augur well...if one is into symbolism etc hehe... really not that much of a negative norman...happy new year...have i said that yet?

  2. Perfectly written sweet story.

    I hope you'll have a beautiful year sweetie.


  3. Nice post. Have a great 2012 :)


    the new year

    like fallen snow on a path
    waiting for your steps,
    the grace of your footfalls,
    the way your eyes see beauty

    the way you write it down...

  5. Nicely put. An interesting observation-"unsure how to be now January is about" I know what you mean. Happy new year.

  6. When I woke up on New Year's Day it was with a hangover but I know what you mean. I always hope for the best especially at the start of the year. I wish you the very best for 2012 and I'm looking forward to your posts this year.

  7. lizzie - this, is a very cool place to be - here i mean - i like that you write straight out of you . . . . steven

  8. A very lovely post. All the very best to you this year!