24 November 2010

Each to their own, eh?

I think today's post is a bit of a confession.

I was off work with a someone's-sat-on-my-chest-and-I-can't-breathe chest infection. My sinuses were terrible, I had headaches, backaches, eyeaches... and exhaustion to top it off. Pretty nasty.... but there was always...
  • The chance to hang about the flat in my pyjamas watching old movies like, Singing In The Rain, and Some Like It Hot, swooning and singing along
  • Hot water bottles by the million
  • Marvellous tea. Tea of all kinds; Peppermint, Earl Grey, Raspberry Leaf, and my favourite... Yorkshire
  • Big un-sexy socks and my Ugly Betty glasses - nice for me, bit scary for everyone else
  • Cooking like Delia - or rather attempting to cook like Delia with whatever I find in the cupboard. Makes for interesting eating....
  • Sofa beds. Duvet days.
I do try to look on the positive side of life.

So, my confession. Yes, it is a little bit that I loved being for a week, taking my usual Sunday Duvet Day and making it spread all across the week...

But actually, whilst I may look like a twenty-five year old, I'm really a little old granny in disguise.

I have a secret love, and it is crochet. I crochet all over the place. I even crocheted on the tube last week - amidst a few odd looks. 

I'm crocheting a multi-coloured square afghan blanket at the moment. Not sure how big it is going to be. Not sure just yet who it'll be for. But in pretty much every corner of our tiny, pokey, little flat are millions of beautifully crocheted squares ready to be sewed together for my blanket.

Having a bit of downtime meant I could sit on my tod in the flat at two O'clock in the afternoon and crochet my little heart out in peace, (cat on lap), without my man laughing at me, baffled at how a twenty-five year old would rather stay in with a crochet hook than trance it out with my peers in some sticky-floored club, cold and wondering how I'm gonna get home at 5:00am from central London with a tenner in my pocket.

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