26 November 2010

Ode to the Tea

Oh, Tea. I love you. When my toes are seriously cold from wearing open shoes in -2 degrees weather, and my bones feel all icey and my lungs may have turned blue... Just when the train stops at each station declaring signal failures all up the line - you pop into my mind. I think of you when I'm exhausted from running like a loon to get to work on time, my nose is all sniffy and my ears are turning pink. I've forgotten my breakfast - no Muller Rice to fill my tum. *sigh*  I've flopped onto my desk with my coat still on, also gloves, scarf and hat. I look like an eskimo, a snowman, or such. Shuffle to the kitchen and pick my favourite mug - two spoons of sugar, teabag - stir - then milk. Just one little sip and im toasty right through. Dear Tea, there is quite possibly nothing, nothing in my world which makes me quite as happy as you.


  1. Lovely post - and I completely agree - I simply cannot start the day without a cup of tea, and whenever I feel down, a cup of tea always makes it better.

  2. I'm with Sharon - I can't imagine doing ANYTHING before a cuppa. Divine. Fab post.

  3. Thank you girls...! I'm off to make another!