9 November 2010

Little green men in my dreams

I had the most out-of-this-world dream last night (literally).
Now, I know that listening to other people’s dreams is one of those seriously polite but unbelievable boring things you can do. But I promise I’ll be quick.

I dreamt that aliens (bear with me...) had been hiding inside of the moon and suddenly they decided it was time to descend upon us from a little trap door from the bottom of the moon. Really. (A lot more happened – but as I’m not into boring my readers senseless - I’ve cut out some of the more hazy details...)

It was one of those dreams where when you wake up, your not 100% sure if you really did get abducted by little green men, or not. I promise I hadn't watched E.T the day before, or even thought once about crop circles...

Throughout the day our minds process many pictures, feelings, sounds, emotions at such a rate, that we don't often get the opportunity to contemplate or understand what they might actually mean to us. Scenarios which take place during our day can take a while to process within our minds on how we really feel about them - without our passionate emotions clouding up our viewpoints.
I mentioned in my earlier post 'do not consider painful what is good for you' how we rarely get time in our busy modern-day lives to really take a good look at who we are. Dreams could be the way our minds can exercise and explore the hidden meanings in our lives which go unnoticed in the moment.

The purpose of dreaming, scientifically, has never been fully understood or agreed upon, but the reasons why we dream have been debated since the beginning of time. 

A really rather spiritual way of looking at dreaming has to be the most ancient opinion. Right from, well, thousands of years ago, dreamers have purported to have been given messages directly from God, or receive divine inspiration within their dreams. There are 121 mentions of dreaming in the Bible, and even Paul McCartney believed he first heard the tune for 'Yesterday' played in his dream, stating:

So we get guidance from dreams? I could well believe it - but who's dishing out my guidance?

Psychologists definitely do not generally believe that God is hot-lining you hints of genius... instead that dreaming is simply a state of instability within our minds. Kant went as far to say that "the lunatic is a wakeful dreamer" . However, Freud believed that dreams were a way of expressing our (sometimes a little bit odd and sinister in Freud's opinion) unconscious desires.

So I decided to analyse my own little lunatic dream - check and see if I received any divine inspiration on the way - and find out what my mind may be telling me. Go on then, I'll share it with you.

Looking on Tony Crisp (dream guru)'s website I found this analysis on the prospect of 'alien encounters' in a dream:

"I'd dreamed it, I couldn't believe I'd written it. I thought, 'No, I've never written anything like this before."

"This usually indicates urges or feelings you find difficult to identify with; feelings of being an outsider in a group or society."

OK - I'm a new Londoner, new home, shiny new job - all new starts everywhere. Not too much of a surprise.

Tony didn't, however, have a category called 'Aliens escaping through trap doors in moon'.


OK. So I've got feelings of being an outsider. Let's imagine that externally (to the world) I am the moon - I'm all shiny, all familiar and safe whilst brightening up my society - but really, I'm on the verge of whipping out my Stanley knife to cut a little trap door in my external image and let out all those little green men telling me: 'outsider! outsider!'...

Analysis: I'm a scaredy cat in a big city and have no friends.

I'm sure God's not telling me I'm a loner - (at least not in this dream). I'm pretty sure being a big loner isn't a suppressed desire (Freud). I'll stick by my guns - this dream was my way of letting myself know that I still haven't quite found my footing in London. That in the whirlwind of change, sometimes you gotta let go and flow with it, and not hang on for dear life pretending it's all going well - as I seem to have been doing these past few weeks. 'Cos sooner or later your own personal demons (or in my case, aliens) will creep out and get you.

But maybe there really are aliens in the moon, and God's just given me a heads up!

(To be honest, I'm just quite glad I didn't fit into Tony's second 'senario' of the 'Alien' dream category -'Devowered by aliens' ...)

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