19 November 2010


Looking outside the window, it's just beautiful blue skies, and sparkly reflecting sunshine off building tops and metal roofs. It's Friday. I've got a chest infection. And I'm staying in my bed. I just think to myself; what a good think it is, that I live on the 4th floor of a block of flats, and all I can see from my windows (apart from an inch or two of the Audi garage round the corner's roof) are these blue skies. Well, it's cheered up my morning, and it's lifted my spirit.
I love sun.

I'm not one of these put-oil-on-and-frazzle-like-bacon on the beach, sun worshippers... I respect my skin too much. I suppose I'm like a little flower.
I lift my head, and all my colours shine when the sun comes out.
It's uplifting; sunlight produces Endorphins - natural brain hormones -  which make us happy. FYI: So does eating chocolate, exercise, sex and smiling...

I like it best when my room is full of sunshine, everything is beautiful. It reflects of the mirrors, shines through my crystals on my coffee table - catching hundreds of rainbows - and draws our attention upwards. 
It's rare during November that we look upwards. When it rains, we look down. When it's cold we tuck our noses in our scarfs, and concentrate on just moving quickly. But bring out the sun, and suddenly everyone comments on the beauty around us, the way the dew sparkles on the lawn, and nature is brought up close and personal in our lives.

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