4 November 2010

Poppies and pride

Ooh! I have to share this with you; it brightened up my morning!
I arrive at Green Park Station flustered - typical Thursday morning – I rummage in my bag for my Oyster card – find it eventually – beep through the gate – except as I walk out into the mass of people, there are soldiers everywhere, selling poppies for Poppy Appeal on the 11th November.  
I see a Scottish soldier with a brightly coloured kilt playing beautiful bagpipe music, and a soldier dressed in the uniform of the Queen’s Guard with his bearskin hat and many soldiers in their desert khaki combats representing the Afghan generation of the Armed Forces. They looked so striking. I marched from the station, with my poppy proud on my lapel, smiling like a loon at these very handsome men standing tall and proud for their cause.  

The Royal British Legion gives such needed support to millions who have served, or are currently serving in the Armed Forces.

Pick up your poppy today!
(I still haven’t quite lost my grin)

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